InvestConnect – A One-Stop Shop for Startups

VirdisGroup is an industry leader in Life Science Executive Search helping our partners to identify, engage and hire top talent.

With our new, additional service offering, InvestConnect, VirdisGroup aims at becoming a ‘one-stop shop’ over the lifespan of a startup company.  We use our expertise and ‘savoir-faire’ to provide world-class support to leverage your technology and help it move to the next level.

Our services are flexible and tailored to fit your needs, matching your values and high standards.

For startup companies, we offer support to:

Build up your strategy

We help you to create your business plan or fine tune it, build your business strategy and set your long-term development.

After a first review of your business plan and pitch deck, we provide you with a proposal that takes into account your financial situation.  This will allow us to help you set the stage for further development and long-term growth.

Establish your company

You’ve done the hard part of developing a great technology that is going to help others.  Administratively, we help you get your business set-up (registration, premises, legal documents etc.) which can be quite cumbersome and time consuming. We provide you support to take care of this so that you can stay concentrated on the technology.

We can also provide support in marketing efforts (branding, marketing collateral etc).


As a young company you know better than anyone that money is key to building a successful venture. We support you in creating your pitch and help you to perfect the message vis-à-vis investors.  In addition, we connect you with investors that are ready to promote the development of your technology.

Assess the team structure

We use our experience in organizational structure to help you identify and assess the potential of every professional in your company. As such, we aim at helping you assess the structure of your current team and identify potential gaps.

Search for executive profiles

This is the DNA of VirdisGroup.  We accompany you over the lifespan of your company to find the right professionals, teammates and board members that will contribute to your company’s expansion.

Support for drug discovery

We provide support at various stages of the drug discovery and development process. This support includes the setting-up of infrastructures for start-up companies, the supervision of contract research activities, coordination of large alliances and grants and the promotion of business development in an international network.

To help our clients, we are partnered with McArthur and Associates.

Support for commercialization

Through the collaboration with our partners, we provide support for market access and for commercialization. This support promotes the growth strategy, the business development and the acceleration of the commercialization for clinical-stage biotech companies through the creation of strategic efficiencies and excellence in execution.

For investors, we offer support to:

Scout for new valuable startups

Among the thousands of new companies created every year, there are possibly only a couple that match your interests. As a stakeholder in one of the most active and innovative ecosystems, we certainly know those companies. With VirdisGroup you gain a partner that will expand your outreach to the most promising, new ventures.

Syndicate investments for a potential deal

Financing rounds often require a syndication of investors to decrease the risk and reach the target. VirdisGroup will help you to liaise with its investors’ ecosystem to fill the gap and bring value to the startup.

Executive search

Executive Search is at the core of VirdisGroup.  We help you to identify, engage and hire top talent from Executive to Board levels, covering a broad range of roles, from C-level, R&D to Commercial. As such, VirdisGroup is your ally to expand existing startup teams with high-end profiles skilled to grow the business.

"Il n'y a de richesse que d'hommes."

"The only wealth is man."

Jean Bodin (b. 1529-1596)