What our clients say about us

Ann Bozeman

“Nathalie, Matt and the entire Virdis team has been great to work with, very responsive, true business partners who have found us great talent in an extremely competitive recruiting environment. They have a good sense for our culture and are great at assessing fit, very candid and transparent with us and candidates. It would be my pleasure to recommend our trusted recruiting partner to any employers as they have been the best to work with in Europe.”

Ann Bozeman, Senior Executive VP HR, Clovis Oncology

Sophie Lacourrege

“We have built a strong partnership over the years with Virdis. We consider that the Virdis team is a team of committed professionals with a real sense of service. Whatever the mission entrusted to us, the consultants in charge are committed to accurately identifying the need to select candidates adapted to our structure and its culture. The quality of the relationship is extremely valuable and there is real confidence in their judgment and in their desire to carry out their mission with excellence. Their daily commitment, their listening and their close follow-up have woven over time our relationship based on trust and transparency. I highly recommend them.

Sophie Lacourrege, Chief Human Resources and Communication Officer, HRA Pharma

Chris Clark

“A big Thank You, Nathalie, to you and the Virdis team. I feel that the workshop went very well. I genuinely appreciate the effort and the creativity of your team as you were successful in helping us unearth quite a few “aha” moments. The feedback from the team was really strong. They appreciated the focus of the session and the principle of taking a moment to think about what kind of team we want to be - and importantly how we might make it happen. It’s exciting that the team rallied around thoughts like taking ownership to get things done, working from an inherent alignment to build trust and being a part of something that matters as a source of intrinsic motivation - I believe yesterday we displayed all of those and more. Thank you again! Looking forward to collaborating again in the future.”

Chris Clark, Global Head, Rozimab Mission, UCB

“I have over the years built with the Virdis team a trusting and friendly relationship, so when I needed a CMO in 2019, I turned to them. The search was aligned with Kintai’s focus, the next-generation microbe-inspired enteric medicine, and following a narrow path delivered a short-list of senior MDs with solid credentials, both medical and scientific. In the end, I decided not to hire anyone at this time as we decided to reprioritize the portfolio. The Virdis team, nonetheless proved to be a trusted and reliable partner, open and transparent, able to listen, communicate clearly and offer valuable advice. We would certainly consider partnering with Virdis again.“

Paul Peter Tak, Former CEO at CEO at Kintai Therapeutics (Flagship Pioneering company)

Thomas Bonnefont

"As we were building from the ground up to a totally new team to address our corporate objectives and deliver to market state-of-the-art Interventional Radiology Medical Devices, Virdis helped me in shaping and hiring 3 key talents to come and reinforce my HQ team in Marketing, Sales and Regulatory Affairs at both Global and EMEA levels.

Our working relationship has been great since it was simple, fast and efficient. We addressed all of my needs and constraints successfully and Virdis help me hire strong professionals who all fit righting. It was a pleasure partnering with Virdis!".

Thomas Bonnefont, Chief Commercial Officer (Interventional Radiology), Guerbet.

"From the outset, Virdis approached our search with plenty of enthusiasm and diligence. They take time to really get to know the business, ensuring that they can convey “what makes us special” to the list of candidates, whilst also painting an accurate picture of the day-to-day work and responsibilities involved.

Regular search updates were provided in the form of written reports as well as meetings. For each candidate that progressed to interview with the Company, Jakub and Robert provided a detailed candidate report which proved invaluable, allowing the Company to really dig into the details during later interview rounds. Importantly, Nathalie, Jakub and Robert are all an absolute pleasure to work with.

It’s clear that they are fully committed to finding the best candidate possible. I would recommend them to others without hesitation and I’m confident I’ll be calling on their services again in the future."

Russ Tucker, CEO of a Biotech in Stealth, Oxford, UK

Dafna Shelly

“Dear Virdis team, Thank you all for your tremendous work . I appreciate your diligence, hard work, many hours. You were always available, days and nights, ready to support and do whatever required to meet the goal. We know that we are just starting the journey. There are many challenges along the way. We also know that we have a good professional partner. I would like to express my deep gratitude to each and every one of you.”

Dafna Shelly, Vice President Human Resources, Protalix LTD