EVENT: Inclusive Leadership : A necessity for the 21st century leader

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Despite good intentions, much of the focus of corporate D&I programs miss the mark. In many cases, the work is thwarted by a lack of seeking to understand individual and collective contexts and clarity about the critical nature of what it takes to harness the power of organizational diversity.

Amri Johnson, who worked at Novartis Research as the Global Head of Cultural Intelligence and Inclusion, will share why he thinks inclusion is critical to 21st-century leadership competency and how individuals and their organizations can make inclusion culturally normative.

About the speaker – Mr. Amri Johnson

For more than 20 years, Amri Johnson has been instrumental in helping organizations and their people create extraordinary business outcomes. He is a social capitalist, epidemiologist, entrepreneur, and inclusion strategist. Amri’s dialogic approach to engaging all people as leaders and change agents (most recently at the research division of Novartis, as Global Head of Cultural Intelligence and Inclusion) has fostered the opening of minds and deepening of skillsets with organizational leaders and citizens enabling them to thrive and optimally contribute to one another and their respective organizations.

As CEO/founder of Inclusion Wins, Amri, and a virtual collective of partners converge organizational purpose to create a global impact with a lens of inclusion. Amri is currently working on a manuscript answering the question; How can we make inclusiveness more accessible (for all stakeholders); actionable (clear, universal contributions); and sustainable (purposeful and perpetually impactful)?

Born in Topeka, Kansas (USA), Amri has worked and lived in the U.S, Brazil, and currently lives in Basel, Switzerland, with his wife Martina and their three kids.

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