EVENT: A Look Behind the Curtain: Workplace Bullying

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About this Event

Workplace bullying has damaging consequences not only for the employee but also for the whole organization as psychological complaints resulting from bullying (stress, anxiety, depression) reduces the professional performance and the quality of daily work. Furthermore, it increases the absenteeism, staff turnover and health related costs covered by the company. Therefore, at the individual level it is crucial to increase awareness about the dynamics of workplace bullying and at the company level it is important to implement strategies to prevent and stop workplace bullying.

During this 1st event we will learn:

  • Definition of workplace bullying
  • Different types of workplace bullying
  • Why & how workplace bullying take place?
  • Who the targets are?
  • The signs of victimization & when does one move into victimization?•
  • Individual costs & costs for the company due to workplace bullying
  • Strategies for individuals not to become a victim
  • Strategies for the companies to prevent & stop workplace bullying

About the speaker – Eylem Demir Sentürk – Founder & CEO of Women on Stage

As the founder and CEO of Women on Stage, Eylem’s goal is to increase the number of female leaders in Switzerland. As a mother with 23 years of experience in the banking and pharmaceutical industries, she exactly knows which challenges women and mothers face within the corporate environment.

To overcome these challenges, Eylem has designed the «Sponsoring Women» program, which increases the visibility of the female talents within the corporate environment and grant them direct access to leadership positions.

Eylem holds an M.Sc. in applied psychology. She also offers trainings in the areas of “Workplace bullying” & “Online interview preparation” in German, English and Turkish.